C10 Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy - 2.5 Days


C10 Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy
Flourishing with a Contemporary Flair
Linda Schneider
All Skill Levels - 2.5 Days

Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy in the past has been recognized for its beauty in fine
flourished loops depicting birds, feathers and scrolls. 

Linda teaches how to design contemporary images such as ladies with an attitude, elaborate cakes and fancy trees using a similar ornate pictorial calligraphic style. Basic flourishing will be covered first and demonstrated along with the contemporary images.

As an added feature, Linda demonstrates how to incorporate the calligraphic designs into a card format, so each calligrapher can use their art to make their own collection for personal correspondence or to give as gifts.

Linda's goal is for every calligrapher to have some success and a solid foundation of what was taught, so as they return to their studios they will enjoy practicing
ornate pictorial calligraphy and use their own unique designs to bless others.
Some pointed pen experience preferred but not mandatory. A creative imagination is encouraged, and willingness to have fun is required

Supply List

Paper, Pencil, Pointed Pen & Ink
Pencil – any soft leaded pencil, not mechanical.

Kneaded Eraser –any eraser (I prefer the grey kneaded eraser).

Layout paper – semi-transparent layout paper, suggested Borden and Riley Boris Layout Paper, or any paper that works well with pen and ink.

Mono line pens – any ultra fine black tip pen is fine; I prefer the Pigma Micron pen or Sharpie ultra fine marker.

Pointed Pen – the oblique pen holder except for those who are left handed
then use the straight pen holder

Pen Nibs – Brause 66 EF or Hunt 56 School nib or your favorite.
Ink – suggested Higgins Eternal with about 10 drops of Gum Arabic per
bottle or your preferred black ink.

Embellishments –Stickles Glitter Glue, or other small embellishments.

Linda also recommends looking at rare books and watching some of the free teaching videos on how to write using the pointed pen at www.iampeth.com or www.zanerian.com by
Joe Vitolo before the workshop, if possible.



Linda Schneider
Liberty Lake, WA

LINDA SCHNEIDER is a professional calligrapher and watercolor artist working out of her studio in Washington state. She has been working with The Papyrus Stores since 2005, where she creates the designs for greeting cards, writing the text in calligraphy.

For the past 40 years she has put her calligraphy in paintings, Hollywood props, chalkboards, billboards, sculpture to name a few.

Her book, Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and More is an instructional manual, using a classical teaching method along with encouraging creativity, and turning doodling techniques into graceful pointed pen flourishes.

Linda has designed a line of rubber stamps through Stampington & Company, (The Flourishing Quill). Examples of her published work can be currently found in Somerset Studio Magazines, from 2005 - including 2012 Best of Somerset Studio Art and Design, as well as the Graceful Envelope contest sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

She has been on the teaching faculty of the IAMPETH Conventions since 2008 and does workshops around the country.

Letters of Joy has been one of her favorite conferences to teach at since 2007 and will be 2013 Keynote speaker at The All Oregon Conference.

To learn more about Linda’s work and her new books on Formal Brush Lettering and Making Realistic Butterflies and Script Lettering and Design, Anywhere, Anytime, on Anything, visit LindaSchneiderArt.com.